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1. Do you have a favorite memory of summer vacation as a child?

2. What are your plans for summer vacation?

3. What’s the best vacation you ever went on?

4. Any summer marriage proposal stories?

5. Any summer wedding stories?

6. What is your favorite part about summer?

7. Relaxing on the beach with a good book or jumping in the waves – which do you prefer?

8. Guilty pleasure – did anyone watch Bachelor Pad last summer? Are you watching again this season on ABC?

9. How do you keep your kids busy during summer vacation?

10. If you could go anywhere in the world for summer vacation where would you go?

Looking forward to hearing from you. Love all you readers! 

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Delia, do you have a favorite quote on summer time?

Delia Latham – I like this one because I’m a romance writer, and it makes me think.

“If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance.” —Bern Williams

But I love this one because it’s so true…

“A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.” —James Dent

Love those quotes. Thanks for sharing. Anyone else have a quote to share?

Gabrielle Bisset
– My favorite quote about summertime is from a Sam Cooke song aptly titled “Summertime”. One of my professors in college used to say this all the time, and it stuck.  “It’s summertime and the living is easy.”

Nice…I like that “the living is easy.” Back to the vegetable garden…does anyone else have a veggie garden?

Anne K. Albert – I’m not much of a gardener, but hubby and I sometimes farm sit for friends who have an incredible garden. It’s a bonus to harvest all the delectable food, but not have to plant or weed the garden!

Yes, definitely a bonus! This year we put a fabric weed barrier down so we wouldn’t have to weed the garden. Last year, we didn’t put the barrier down and we weren’t so diligent in weeding; our garden was like a jungle.

Any other mishaps on the beach or during summer vacation that you ladies would like to share?

Stacy Juba – Um...yeah. Last summer, I was at a park and bent to pick up a sunhat. When I straightened, I whacked my forehead into these unusually low monkey bars. I was bleeding, it was hurting, and it was embarrassing.  My family assured me it was minor, but for days I was worried about a concussion.    

Wow, sounds painful. I’m glad you were OK after that.

Heather Haven – We’ve been lost, missed our plane connections, had busses break down, got sick, and the like…It’s all a part of traveling.

Killarney Sheffield – When I was a kid my stepfather was getting undressed in the camper for bed and bent over and burned his butt on the propane heater. LMAO, he had grill marks on his behind. *snicker.

Ouch! Hopefully everyone can laugh about that now. Julie, do you have any movies on your list to see this summer?

Julie Lence – Not in the movie theater. I can't stand sitting in those chairs for two hours. I prefer to wait until they come out on dvd and then rent them so I can stretch out on the couch and be comfortable.

Elaine Marie Cooper – Are there any good ones coming out? I’m always ready for a good movie with popcorn!

Julie, my husband and I like to go out to the movies, but I agree that sitting in those chairs is hard on my knees…especially because you can’t stretch your legs out. You have a much better idea to stretch out on the couch. That’s why we started getting Netflix movies. We just got a new TV after having a lemon for several years so it is nice watching movies at home.

Elaine, we just saw X-Men 1st Class and that was a good movie. We’re going to see the new Transformers movie soon. Yes, I do get my husband to watch girly movies too. 

Back to my mishap with the bikini top, anyone else have an embarrassing moment while on vacation?

Elaine Cantrell – Yep, sure did.  A wave broke over my head and I lost my top.  I ducked under the waves to keep hidden, but my father thought I couldn’t get up and kept trying to pull me to shore. 

Sorry that happened to you but at least I wasn’t the only one! Thanks for sharing that Elaine.

So Wend, do you wear sunscreen? Do you like tanning or just enjoy being in the sun, but get easily burned?

Wend Petzler – Sunscreen is always put on first thing in the morning. I love tanning, but the fear of cancer demands precautions.

I couldn’t agree more. Cher, are you a camper and how do you fare out in the wild woods?

Cher Green – I’m not too excited about camping, but I’ve gone before.  I love camping.

I’m not much for camping as I mentioned earlier. I’m sure my DH will get me to go again sometime in the future.

OK ladies, here’s our final question for this chat. The last blog post will be questions directly to our readers. So, JoAnn, what’s the summer without water ice and ice cream…which do you prefer?

JoAnn Durgin – When we lived in the Philly area, Italian water ice was very popular (and I know that’s where you live, Joanne – we lived near Huntingdon Valley). But people in this part of the country barely know what that is. Or gelato. Ice cream is my personal favorite, but I don’t crave it. I like Edy’s strawberry and anything chocolate. But my local ice cream stand has a relatively new flavor called cake batter. My, oh my…it’s every bit as delectable as it sounds. And now you know why I don’t even want to squeeze into a bathing suit. Not worth it.

JoAnn, that’s pretty neat that you lived near Huntingdon Valley because I actually lived there for a few years. Now that I’m married we moved about an hour west of Philadelphia. My husband loves the Gelati (water ice and frozen custard) from Rita’s and I usually get the custard there. However, since we moved here, we’ve found two dairy farms that sell delicious ice cream. My favorite flavor is death by chocolate. The cake batter flavor sounds good, too.

Well, ladies, it’s been so absolutely wonderful chatting today. I’ve really enjoyed our summer blog party. Can’t wait until the next one! Don’t forget to comment on this blog post and you’ll be entered to win a PDF eBook of A New Dream by Elaine Cantrell or a PDF eBook of Heartsight by Kay Springsteen. Don’t forget to leave your email address to be entered. 

Thanks so much and readers, stop back in a little bit…we’ll end this party by asking YOU all questions!

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Okay, ladies, here we go…has anyone ever gone somewhere exotic on a vacation?

Delia Latham – Does Hawaii count? I visited the island of Oahu with a friend several years ago, and it was amazing. I’ll never forget that blue, blue water and the gorgeous countryside.

My husband and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon on a three island tour. We absolutely loved it. The beautiful scenery inspired me and my current WIP is set in Hawaii.

Stacy Juba – I'd love to visit Hawaii sometime, though I don't like the idea of the long flight.

I wasn’t too excited about the flight either, especially since I don’t like to fly. We went from Philadelphia to Cincinnati and then from there to Hawaii. A total of about 10 ½ hours flying to Hawaii, then counting the return trip and flights between islands and then one helicopter flight over Kauai. I joke with my husband that on that trip I did enough flying for a lifetime!

Heather, where do you like to go on vacation?

Heather Haven – Hawaii and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico come to mind. So gorgeous.

Mexico, another beautiful place to visit, especially along the resort coastline, but the Mayan ruins are also a neat excursion to take.

Do we have anyone else with a favorite flower? I love of the best parts of Spring and Summer for me.

Anne K. Albert – I love lilacs in the spring, but don’t actually have a summertime favorite.

Another lilac lover. My favorite flower scent, although gardenias come in a close second.

Kay, any favorite flowers that bloom in the summer?

Kay Springsteen – All of them.

Know exactly how you feel. So many beautiful flowers, it’s hard to pick just one or two favorites. 

Killarney, have you ever been on vacation with your extended family? Anything funny happen on that trip?

Killarney Sheffield – No thank God because we are a really odd bunch.

Sounds interesting, like I must meet your family some time! How about any mishaps while on vacation?

Elaine Marie Cooper – Yes! My vacation on Cape Cod. When we rented bikes I was peddling and one of the pedals fell right off and I tumbled onto the ground. I wasn’t seriously hurt but I thought I was going to pass out!

Wow, that would’ve scared me. Glad you were alright! Julie, I can see you have something to add, what happened?

Julie Lence – No mishaps while on vacation, but once on a day trip to the Jersey shore the hubby ran for his life. He'd talked me into joining him on an amusement park ride alongside the water, swearing the ride did not go that high in the air. It did, and since I don't like heights, I threatened to throttle him when we got back down to the ground. He ran like heck down the boardwalk as soon as the ride stopped.

I’d be doing the same thing if that happened to me. Not so excited about heights.

Elaine Cantrell – When my children were young, we took them to a water slide.  My younger son didn’t weigh much, and when he went down the slide he landed on top of a drain and couldn’t escape the suction.  His feet waved in the air for a minute before we realized he was in trouble.  I was ready to jump a fence and get him, but my husband came down the slide and pushed his feet up.  Scary.

Sounds scary, I’m sure. Very glad everything was OK.

My wedding was in July. Did anyone else have a summer wedding? How was the weather?

Wend Petzler – My first marriage was in August. Lovely wedding my mom, grandmother, and great-grandmother put together. Downside was the rare tornado that touched down on the upper Priest Lake in Idaho, tearing up trees and knocked out power at the hotel. Scary!

Geez, a tornado, I’m sure you never expected that on your wedding day. Gabrielle, what do you like most about the summer time?

Gabrielle Bisset – I love the weather!  Summer is always so relaxed because the weather is so nice.  I’m a girl who loves hot temperatures, so give me 90+ and I’m thrilled.  There’s nothing like relaxing on my porch with a cold drink on a hot summer day.

I love the warm weather, but the humidity really gets to me. Very happy we have central air at home.

Cher, do you wear sunscreen? Do you like tanning or just enjoy being in the sun, but get easily burned?

Cher Green – I don’t usually wear sunscreen although I should. If I do burn, I’m tanned by the next day.

I’m jealous. There’s no doubt, when, I burn, I don’t usually tan until several days later. I’m very pale skinned.

JoAnn Durgin – I hate tanning and am naturally fair; even with a strenuous effort before a cruise, I only achieved a light golden brown. Some people simply aren’t meant to be tan. I never understood the value of “laying out” when I was younger, and watched my neighbor (a tall, leggy, beautiful blonde) start the annual ritual as soon as the temps hit 55 degrees or higher. Brrr… Fair rules! is what I say. I think having a tan face ages a person, and who knows what havoc a tanning bed might create 20 years down the road. Maybe it will have no effect, but I’m not willing to take the risk.

Yay, you’re my kindred spirit, JoAnn. Must be the same name! My sister was the tanner in our family and she inherited my dad’s genes. I got the genes for light skin from my Dutch mother.

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We’re back again.  If you’re just joining us, we are romance authors talking about summer and why we love this time of year. If you missed the first part of the chat, check out the previous blog post.  

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Okay, ladies, here we go…Anyone else have any movies on their to-be seen list this summer?

Delia Latham – I’m always behind…I see the movies after they leave the theaters. I think I’d like to see “Water for Elephants,” and I just watched “Tangled” with my grandchildren last week. I love animated movies, so they’re always a pleasure to watch, any time of year.

Water for Elephants is on my Netflix queue. Haven’t seen Tangled yet, but want to.

Wend Petzler – Harry Potter’s Deathly Hallows part II. Got to see the end!!! I must, I must!!! Oh, I am also going to see Thor. Dead Lord! Chris Helmsworth is the most sexy man of the summer!

Saw Thor and Helmsworth definitely was easy on the eyes (don’t worry, I already told my hubby that while we sat in the theater watching the movie together!)

Anne, what kind of books do you like to read when relaxing at the beach or while on summer vacation?

Anne K. Albert – I always take romantic suspense or mysteries along to the beach. They’re the perfect way to forget about the real world for a few hours.

I love romantic suspense and mysteries. Loved your book, Defending Glory and can’t wait to read the next one in your series. Gabrielle, what about you?

Gabrielle Bisset – When I’m at the beach or at the lake, I’m reading romance novels or mysteries.  I can get lost in those books for hours, which means if I didn’t slather on the sunscreen, I’m in big trouble! 

Agreed! I can get lost in a book so easily. Thankfully, we bring an umbrella to the beach or I’ll get as red as one of the tomatoes from my garden!

Does anyone prefer the summer Olympics over the winter games?

Stacy Juba –I prefer winter because of the skating and ice hockey, though I do like the gymnastics in the summer.

I agree. I watch skating in the winter and the gymnastics in the summer, along with swimming and diving. My husband likes to watch the ice hockey in the winter…and anytime the Flyers are playing during the hockey season.

Does anyone plant any vegetable gardens?

Heather Haven – I plant tomatoes, spices and herbs, which I use for cooking. I’m a good cook.

 That’s great. We have a garden too…plant tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, broccoli, cucumbers and eggplants. Love fresh veggies in the summer!

Has anyone experienced any damage from summer hailstorms? Last year, we had a bad hailstorm and it destroyed some of our vegetables from the garden.

Julie Lence – We’ve been fortunate the last few years. Our trucks are garaged and the hail has only shattered the leaves on the trees. Years ago, we did have damage to our roof and had to have it replaced. 

That’s one thing about summer I don’t like…those thunderstorms with hail! Are there any sports adventurers who like to go kayaking, boating or do you prefer relaxing on the beach with a good book?

Killarney Sheffield – None of the above, horseback riding and camping are my favorite things to do.

I’ve only gone horseback riding once and camping is not my favorite. My husband is trying to get me to go camping again.

Elaine Marie Cooper – Speaking of camping, I would rather not worry about bugs while using the “facilities” in nature! LOL

I agree, Elaine! So, Annette, do you ever “work” on vacation? You know, check your email and blog and get some writing in?

Annette Snyder – And yes, I work on vacation.  Writing is in my blood and I’m an early riser so, while all my vacation cohorts are still sleeping, I get up, write for a bit, check emails, update my blog---all those things a writer does.  By the time everyone else is ready to go, I’m done working and we’re off. 

Me, too. I’m guilty of the same. I try not to get too crazy about it, though. That’s where my husband comes in and reminds me to relax.

How about another quote on summer time and relaxation?

Elaine Cantrell – “In every girls life; there’s a boy she’ll never forget and a summer where it all began.” — Unknown

Elaine, I love that quote! Thanks for sharing it. 

Kay, can you share a summer scene?

Kay Springsteen – This is an excerpt from my WIP, Heartcries.

“May I have a large lemonade, a funnel cake with strawberries, and a large vanilla ice cream cone with chocolate sprinkles, please?” The little girl staring up at Lina couldn't have been more than ten. A gust of wind toyed with the curly light brown hair outlining a petite heart-shaped face, and ruffled the crisp twenty dollar bill she held in her hand. She tightened her grip.

Lina glanced out over the crowded midway but saw no sign of an adult accompanying the little girl. Normally, it wouldn’t have been a problem. After all, the girl obviously could pay for her order. But it was the third time in the last hour or so that the child had presented herself to the Sweet Treats kiosk Lina was manning for the Salem Hills Fire Department, and she began to wonder if the little girl was lost.

With the location of Sweet Treats in the center of the Salem Hills, Virginia Founder’s Day festivities, Lina had a good view of the entire fair. To her right, the entrance to the rides, to her left the hawkers with their game booths, behind her, more concession stands with variations on fair food; popcorn and snowcones, cotton candy, hotdogs and fries. But Sweet Treats had the best place, right at the center of the midway, the first of the food kiosks. And they had the most popular delicacies, too; the fresh squeezed lemonade, the funnel cakes with fruit and sugar, the elephant ears, the deep fried Oreos, and the hand-dipped ice cream.  (From Heartcries
, WIP)

Thanks, Kay. Great excerpt…I felt like I was at the fair. Anyone have a job as a teen?

Cher Green – By the time I turned seventeen, I was working part time after school and fulltime during the summer.

I did some babysitting as a teen and got my first part-time job working at my mom’s counseling center as a secretary during my senior year.

JoAnn, do you even like summer or is winter, spring or fall more what you enjoy?

JoAnn Durgin – I do enjoy the summer because of the warmer weather, but spring is my favorite. The rebirth of the earth, the emergence of the daffodils (normally the first flower I see – and it’s yellow, my favorite color of flower, like the yellow rose), that touch of chill in the air and yet the promise of warmer weather.

I’m partial to spring, too. Like the rebirth and my birthday is in April so that helps!

Loving this chat with all you ladies! Let’s take a short break. See you all soon!

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Welcome to our Summer Blog Party. I’ve gathered a group of awesome romance authors to join together in a blog party and celebration of summer fun! So glad you stopped by today.  Please stay and chat with the authors and everyone who comments on the blog party posts will be entered for a chance to win some great romance books by these wonderful ladies!  

Come along, grab a tall glass of iced tea or lemonade or your favorite wine, make sure you have your sunscreen on and take your laptop outside to sit in the sun…and meet these authors. 

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Born and raised in a California farming community called Weedpatch, Delia Latham moved to Oklahoma in 2008, making her a self-proclaimed California Okie. She loves to read and write in her simple country home, and gets a kick out of watching her husband play Farmer John.Contact her through her website ( or e-mail (

Anne K. Albert’s stories chill the spine, warm the heart, and soothe the soul…all with a delightful touch of humor. She is author of the Piedmont Island Trilogy series and Muriel Reeves Mysteries.  When not in her home office, she enjoys traveling, visiting friends and family, and of course, reading.  Website:

Although Stacy Juba specializes in writing adult mysteries and romantic suspense novels, she has also authored books for children and young adults – she pursues whatever story ideas won’t leave her alone. Stacy’s titles include Twenty-Five Years Ago Today, Sink or Swim, and the patriotic children’s picture book The Flag Keeper.

Heather Haven has written short stories, comedy acts, plays, television treatments, ad copy, commercials, and novels.  Her series, Murder is a Family Business, and A Wedding To Die For are part of the Alvarez Murder Mystery series, and can be found at MuseItUp Publishing, Amazon, Smashwords, and other ebookstores. HTTP:// Follow Heather's blog at:

Killarney Sheffield Married mother of 5 living on a commercial cattle ranch in Alberta Canada. Write historical romance for MuseItUp Publishing LTD. Former horse trainer, farrier and riding coach. HUGE music fan, everything from 50's to 2011. Yes, I'm the crazy author who talked Canadian singer/songwriter/juno winner Lawrence Gowan into letting me use on of his ballads for my Guilty Kisses book trailer.  

Annette Snyder calls a small town in the heart of the Midwest her home. In an old house, with her husband and two dogs, she writes. Her four grown children visit often and the grandkids cause beautiful havoc. All her life, she paid attention to things around her and one day she compiled those stories together and wrote a book. It was that one book which started a wave of ideas so she continued to write.  Visit her at or her blog at

Elaine Marie Cooper grew up in Massachusetts but now lives in the Midwest. A retired registered nurse, Elaine has been a magazine freelance writer for many years, and writes for a blog on the Midwest called The Barn Door & a blog on Christian living, Reflections In Hindsight She is also the author of her award-winning novel called “The Road to Deer Run” and has just completed the sequel, “The Promise of Deer Run.”

For Julie Lence, cowboys and horses have always been her weakness, which is why she lives in the west and writes western romance. She’s a stay-at-home mom, married to her high school sweetheart and spends her days working on her latest novel. You can learn more about her at:   

Elaine Cantrell was born and raised in South Carolina.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Personnel Services from Clemson University and is a member of Alpha Delta Kappa, an international honorary sorority for women educators.  She is also a member of Romance Writer’s of America and EPIC authors.  Her first novel, A New Leaf, was the 2003 winner of the Timeless Love Contest and was published in 2004 by Oak Tree Books.  Visit Elaine at

Wend Petzler has been writing since her teenage years and well, finally got off her tush and made her dreams come true. New Concepts Publishing took her into their family, and she will be eternally grateful to Andrea DePasture for believing in her. Wend likes to shake up the venues and loves writing combinations of historical, fantasy, and her lovely vamps: The Borne Vampires series.

By day, Gabrielle Bisset is a history faculty member at a campus of a major university, but by night and weekends, she writes erotic romance.  She recently published her first novella, Vampire Dreams, and her first novel, Stolen Destiny, is scheduled for release from Siren Publishing on June 29.  Her website can be found at

Kay Springsteen grew up in Michigan. She lives in Virginia with seven rescue dogs. When she's not writing or cuddled up with a romantic read, she enjoys photography—the subjects in her camera’s eye are her favorite things: Family, garden, mountains, and pups. Find Kay at http://kayspringsteen.wordpress.comand on Facebook.

Cher Green writes in many genres, spanning from horror to romance. Her work has appeared in various magazines, and her romance novella, “Escape to Love,” is scheduled to debut at the end of June. For more information on this author visit:

JoAnn Durgin’s debut novel, Awakening, released in late 2010. A member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and the Romance Writers of America, she was a finalist in the 2010 RWA/Faith Hope & Love Touched by Love contest (long contemporary romance). Her second novel, Second Time Around, releases later in 2010. Official author website:

We’ll now that we’re all acquainted, let’s get started with this party. Anyone have any flirty dialogue to share between two characters in a summer setting?

Elaine Cantrell – This is an excerpt from a manuscript waiting for a home.  My hero Kurt has taken his new wife Susan out to dinner.  Bear in mind that they only got married because Susan is pregnant.  Kurt has just leaned over the table and kissed Susan.

                                                                   * * * *

Susan’s heart skipped a beat.  “That’s a nice surprise.”

“I have a good time when we’re together, and I like kissing my wife.”  A hint of uncertainty crossed his face.  “You don’t mind, do you?”

“No, I don’t mind.”  She reached for his hand and gave it a squeeze.  “I like your kisses.”

A little smile curved Kurt’s lips.  “What do you like about them?”

“The shape of your mouth is pleasing for one thing.”

“Is that all?”

Susan pretended to think for a minute.  “No, I also like the way your lips feel.”

“How do they feel?”  He looked honestly curious now.

“Well, they’re firm, but soft too, and they’re just the right size.”

“Is my technique any good?”

Oh, look at his eyes!  They were twinkling like two blue stars.  “On a scale of one to ten I’d give you a ten.”  She grinned at him.  “But don’t let it go to your head.”

“How does it make you feel when I kiss you?”

Love that excerpt. Thanks for sharing, Elaine. Anyone else…what about sharing the beginning of a summer scene in a romance novel?

Delia Latham – Callie bent, grabbed a handful of fabric and tied her full skirt into a knot, hoping she’d pulled it high enough to keep it dry. She picked up her sandals and inched a little closer to the water—enough to dip one toe into the dampness at its ever-changing edge. She kept a sharp eye on the incoming waves, having no wish to be caught unaware by a big one. The last thing she wanted was a salt bath.

“You could do that in a wading pool.” A deep voice, laced with amusement, startled her from behind. Callie swung around, disconcerted to find a tall, unrealistically handsome man standing a few feet away. Arms crossed over a broad, bare chest, head cocked to the side, vivid blue eyes narrowed, he made no effort whatsoever to hide his blatant appraisal.

“I beg your pardon?” If Callie had one skill honed to a fine edge, it was the art of freezing an opponent with nothing more than a sub-zero voice.

This guy didn’t seem to notice. He grinned, revealing a set of teeth straight out of a Colgate commercial, and Callie’s ire rose another notch. How dare he be impervious to her best weapon?

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything, but you looked so cute standing there with one toe in the water.” With a shrug, he swung backward and  took a step away, but turned his head to speak over his shoulder. “Careful, though. Big one coming in.”

Callie whirled around, but not in time. “Nooo!”

The incoming wave slammed into her at waist level and knocked her flat on her rear. She gasped and dug into the squishy sand with her hands, a wave of vertigo making her feel as though she were being pulled into the deep on the receding wave, even though she knew she was safe—if soaking wet—on the shore.

Humiliated and angry, she watched one of her sandals swirl on the surface a few feet away, then sink out of sight. Perfect. Just perfect.

A slender, brown hand appeared over her shoulder, along with the sound of an amused chuckle. “Here, let me help you up.”

Thanks, Delia. This is such a great way to get into the summer mood! OK, one more excerpt before we do some chatting.

Anne K. Albert –This excerpt is from an unpublished, marriage of convenience story called JAKE’S BRIDE.

Somewhere between the entree and coffee, Tina Bellingham stood up, glared at her dinner companion and inadvertently knocked over her glass of red wine. Soaking into the fine linen cloth, it meandered to the edge of the table and trickled onto the floor. The subdued chattering of the other patrons, the clanging of cutlery, and the waiter’s smooth delivery of the evening’s menu at the next table came to an abrupt halt. In the deafening silence, she could almost hear each droplet of wine splatter on the floor.

She cringed. Without looking around, she knew everyone had turned his or her attention to see what would happen next. Normally, she’d be devastated by the unwanted attention and equally embarrassed by her own behavior. But right now, she couldn’t care less. In spite of his good looks and powerful physique, her evening out with Mapleview’s most eligible bachelor had suddenly lost much, if not all, of its appeal.

She stared at Jake Connor and scowled. “Is this your idea of a joke?”

“No. My marriage proposal’s genuine.”

“Genuine?” She clicked the roof of her mouth with her tongue. “Whatever happened to heartfelt and sincere? Or down on bended knee?”

“This isn’t that kind of a proposal.”


“I’d like an answer.”

“It’s no. Non. Nyet. Thanks, but no thanks.”

Jake opened his mouth to speak. But before allowing him to ruin the entire evening, she glared at him. “Like a fool I was actually looking forward to tonight. I even told your sister that you’d asked me out. But I should have realized it was too good to be true, and that you’d end up making a mockery of it--and me.”

“That wasn’t my intention.”

“Then, what was your intention? Since when does a self-confessed bachelor propose to a woman on the first date?”

“Dessert’s on its way,” he said. “If you’ll sit down, I’ll explain.”

“Forget it. I’ve lost my appetite. Goodnight, Jake.” Straightening her spine, she squared her shoulders and picked up her handbag.

Sidestepping the curious onlookers and bevy of waiters dressed in their white and black uniforms, she made her way to the exit. Outside, she paused, allowing her eyes to adjust to the darkness. In the distance, she heard the St. Lawrence River rushing downstream toward the Atlantic.

One glance around the crowded parking lot and the reality of her situation sunk in. Jake had insisted he pick her up in his Jeep. Like a girl with a crush on the high school football captain, she’d foolishly agreed and left her car parked in the driveway.


She could walk the ten miles back to her cottage. A little exercise never hurt anyone. Besides, it’d give her lots of time to rethink her absurd infatuation with her best friend’s older brother. Marriage proposal aside, Jake Connor wasn’t all that irresistible.

Thanks, Anne. Love it! How about a favorite quote on summer time or relaxation?

Stacy Juba – I like this quote because it's a reminder to live in the present moment - in other words, don't bring your work on summer vacation!   “Yesterday is History; Tomorrow is a Mystery; Today is a Gift, that's why it's called a Present!”

Once while at the beach, I was wearing a strapless bikini and I moved my arms over my head trying to get my shirt on (while we were packing up) and my top flung off. My husband quickly came to my rescue wrapping a towel around me. Anything embarrassing like that happen to you while on vacation?

Heather Haven –No, but Norman mentioned that once he saw that very incident happened to a beautiful brunette with a great body. I think it was you.

Too funny!

JoAnn Durgin – Joanne, No. (1) You’re awfully brave to ever wear something like that in the first place; (2) you must be thin and I secretly hate that; and (3) it just proves to me all over again why I wouldn’t want to wear a two-piece suit (as if I ever had the body for it – not since I was six, anyway, and that sounds slightly perverted). Glad your hubby came to your rescue in a true, gallant, hero-worthy gesture. But I’m thankful you were married at the time – you were, right? Oh my…

Yes, we were married at the time. While at the beach another time, my husband accidentally hit me in the head with our beach umbrella when he turned around. Have you ever had any mishaps while on vacation? (And yes, I was fine…no concussions!!)

Killarney Sheffield –When I was a kid one time fishing my fly came loose from the cork on my fly rod and stuck my stepfather just below the eye. We had to drive 3 hrs to the nearest emergency room to have it removed. Talk about catching the big one. LOL!

Oh, my. So Annette, what do you like most about the summer time?

Annette Snyder – I love the heat of summer.  I’m all for lazy days relaxing by any water be it a swimming pool, lake or the ocean.  Because of my love for summer months, at least once every cold Nebraska winter, you’ll find me on a warm beach for a mini-break.  Last winter, I won an all-expense paid trip to Orlando, Florida and a friend picked me up for one day at Cocoa Beach.  I flew home four days later and had to reacquaint myself with my snow shovel. 

I agree. Summer is my favorite time of year. What about wearing sunscreen? Do you like tanning or just enjoy being in the sun, but get easily burned?

Elaine Marie Cooper – I use SPF 10,000! JK! I have WHITE, PALE skin so I like to keep the skin cancer away!

Totally understand. I need to wear sunscreen all the time. I have pale skin too. So, Julie, what’s on your summer reading list for this year? New authors or ones that you love and have read their work before?

Julie Lence – Right now I have eight books waiting for me that range from romance to mystery to western. Some authors are favorites and some are brand new to me. I'm looking forward to both, because summer nights are when I do the bulk of my reading. 

I’m an avid reader, too, especially love reading at the beach. Anyone have any favorite flowers that bloom in the summer?

Wend Petzler – I love lilacs, especially the dark purple ones. The fragrance reminds me of summers gone by and happy times.

Hmm, lilacs are my favorite flower. Love their scent! Gabrielle, what’s your favorite summer time memory?

Gabrielle Bisset – My favorite summertime memory is my birthday celebration each year.  My father and I shared a birthday—July 7—and my uncle’s birthday was July 5, so the celebration would begin every year on Independence Day and last for days.  Until I was eight years old, I thought the fireworks were for the three of us instead of the 4th of July!

How neat! Kay, when you go on vacation, do you like to relax or be more active and sightsee? 

Kay Springsteen – I like sightseeing and taking pictures during the day (big time into photography here) but I like the evenings to unwind – more of a nature person on vacation so sitting around the campfire after dinner is particularly fun – and then there are the S’Mores.

I love photography, too. Always taking my camera when we go away. Does anyone have movies on their summer must-see list?

Cher Green – Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and Transformers: Dark of the Moon

My husband and I saw Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and thought it was good, much better than the third one, but the first was still my favorite. Transformers: Dark of the Moon is on our list too.

Well, let’s take a quick break and we’ll be back before you know it!

If you comment on my blog posts today, you will be entered to win a PDF eBook of A New Dream by Elaine Cantrell or a PDF eBook of Heartsight by Kay Springsteen. Don’t forget to leave your email address to be entered. Thanks so much and stop back in a little bit.

Are you ready for summer? If not, mark your calendar and attend our Romance Author Summer Blog will get you in the mood for summer.

Friday, June 17th, come join in the fun and meet some awesome romance authors. What's your favorite part of summer? Do you have a happy memory of summer vacation as a child? What are your plans for summer vacation this year? Are you a lemonade or iced tea drinker? Do you prefer ice cream or water ice? 

Stop by our blog party on the 17th and find out what the authors have to say and what their favorite summer memories are and you'll find out much more about them. 

There will be book giveaways that day also. So make sure you stop by each host's blog and comment to enter for a chance to win one of the great books that are being given away.

Our hosts for that day will be:

Joanne Troppello
Patricia Bates
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Kay Springsteen                                                 Anne K. Albert


Meet our guest authors...I know they can't wait to meet you and hear about your summer memories.

Delia Latham, Elaine Cooper, Killarney Sheffield, JoAnn Durgin, Julie Lence, Patricia Bates, Kay Springsteen, Gabrielle Bisset, Annette Snyder, Joanne Troppello, Elaine Cantrell, Anne K. Albert, Stacy Juba, Wend Petzler, Heather Haven, Cher Green, Joy Brooks, Celeste Brammer, Georgina Sellwood 

Back again to finish up our chat on love and romance!  If you’re just joining us, we are romance authors talking about love, romance and marriage today in honor of the Royal Wedding.  If you missed the first or second parts of the chat, check out the previous blog posts…and don’t forget to comment for a chance to win in our book giveaway.   Okay, ladies, here we go…

So, we’re back with Killarney again.  What was the most romantic moment in your life?

Killarney – If you have seen Letters to Juliet this year I will refer to a quote from the movie 'Englishmen are the most unromantic men in the world'.  Unfortunately I hadn't heard that quote before I married my English husband.  LOL!

Saw that movie.  Can understand.  My husband isn’t English; he’s Italian and contrary to the stereotype, he is not romantic.  Although, he shows me he loves me in his actions.  Love you honey!  What about you ladies?  Are you married to a true romantic or is it like pulling teeth to get your husband to do anything romantic?

Cara – [My husband] sat up all night watching me once when I was sick.  He was afraid I’d throw up in my sleep and die.  He sat in a chair and didn’t sleep at all.  He’s not a romantic, but he loves romance movies.  We watch a lot of Lifetime romance movies, and he cries during the movies.

Now that is romantic dedication in its truest form.  Very nice that he watches romance movies with you.  I get my husband to watch them too, but I pay the price and have to watch his action movies also.  Elaine Cantrell, what about you?

Elaine Cantrell – It’s like pulling teeth with very long roots, but he’s getting better as time goes on.

Funny!  At least I’m not the only one.  Anyone else have a romantically challenged husband or are you married to a real romantic gem? 

Killarney – Definitely like pulling teeth.  Hubby thinks romance is asking if I want to fool around tonight.  LOL!

Hmm, is my husband related to yours!?!?  Please, there have to be some romantic husbands out there!

LoRee – He has such a soft heart that he knows when I need a little boost.  The best is flowers on no special occasion.

Now that is sweet!  Anyone else want to share? 

Roseanne – Pulling teeth.

Ok, ladies have any of you done something romantic for your husband?

Elaine Marie Cooper – A month after we married, my husband and I went to the mountains in Big Bear, CA, and I brought my guitar into the woods and serenaded my husband.  He still likes to remember that he was the sole member of my audience!

That’s nice.  I’m sure he felt very special.  LoRee, have you done anything romantic for your man?

LoRee Peery – He’s not much for a romantic candlelight dinner.  But a good cheesecake makes him feel loved.

They say the way to a man’s heart is by his stomach.  Then I guess learning how to cook my husband’s favorite Italian foods from my mother-in-law classifies as doing something romantic in his eyes.  Elaine, what about you? 

Elaine Cantrell – I’m not sure.  We don’t look at romance the same way.

I agree.  Just thinking about it now, my husband loves it when we go out and do activities together like hiking or going to the gym, or playing catch outside.  Men and women are two totally different species.  Any good books you’ve read on marriage and relationships?

Killarney – I tried to read 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus' but never got past the first chapter before I picked up a historical romance purchase and lost myself in a tale of love most rewarding. 

I can definitely see that.  I’m not one much for reading non-fiction how-to books; although, I did find Dr. Gary Smalley’s The DNA of Relationships extremely helpful.  Anyone else have a good book to share?

LoRee – I would say the Bible is the best resource.

Very true.  Any last minute things you ladies would like to share?

Roseanne – I tucked love notes in his lunches, sometimes in his sandwiches.

Thoughtful of you.  I write love notes to my husband and put them by his cell phone so he finds them every morning when he wakes up.  I started this when we first got married.  He loves it and finds it very encouraging.  Cara, what’s one of the most romantic lines from one of your books?

Cara – There are so many romantic lines, and I can’t remember all of them.  This is one from “Logan’s Redemption,” my romantic suspense.  My hero Logan says this to the heroine, Doriana:  “You never fail to surprise me.  Or excite me.”

Very nice.  Anyone else want to share a romantic thing their husband did for them?

Elaine Cantrell – The most romantic thing he [my husband] ever did was to come home with reservations for a weekend getaway to celebrate our anniversary, but I didn’t like that any more than the sweetest thing he ever said to me.  We were on our way to the grocery store to buy some dog food, and he took my hand and said, “You’re even prettier now than you were on our wedding day.”  I just melted even though the next day I made him an appointment to have his eyes checked.  I’ve changed a bit since our wedding day.

Love that!  Very sweet.  

Elaine Marie Cooper – He [my husband] sent a trio of singers that sang love songs to my place of work.  They sang two songs to me and presented me with a red rose.  It was so sweet!

Maybe I should have him talk to my husband!  Any last minute advice for the Royal Couple?

Killarney – I have been married 16 yrs and honestly I don't think there is anything I could tell them that they wouldn't be better off discovering for themselves.

Cara – Marriage takes a lot of work. When you fight and you feel like ending it all, remember what made you marry him or her in the first place.

Thank you, Killarney and Cara.  It’s true, they’ll need to figure things out on their own and marriage does take work.

LoRee – He [my husband] really is such a romantic guy, and does sweet stuff a lot. I’d have to say now it’s when I find a note from him, usually when I’ve been in craze mode.

Very sweet!  It’s nice to see we have another romantic husband among the bunch.

Roseanne – Maintain a good sense of humor. Never go to bed angry.

Great advice.  I’ve always tried to make it a practice to not let the sun go down on my anger. 

Thank you to all the wonderful authors here for participating in the party today.  I hope everyone had an awesome time and I look forward to having another party again! 

Don’t forget if you’d like to enter to win one of their great romance novels, comment on one of our three blog postsWinners’ names will be posted on this blog next week and you’ll be contacted by the authors if you won a book.  Have a great weekend!  

We’re back again.  If you’re just joining us, we are romance authors talking about love, romance and marriage today in honor of the Royal Wedding.  If you missed the first part of the chat, check out the previous blog post.  Okay, ladies, here we go…and anyone who comments is entered to win one of the books in our book giveaway.

Any ladies have a funny wedding day story to share?

Delia – My father-in-law-to-be performed our ceremony, and it was his first. He was as nervous as I was! He mispronounced my name, forgot to have us repeat the vows, and failed to tell my husband he could kiss his bride. LOL My husband’s brother, who was the best man, finally hollered, “Kiss her already!”

Would've loved to be there that day!  Elaine Cantrell, what was the most romantic moment in your life?

Elaine Cantrell – The most romantic moment in my life was when I walked down the aisle of the church where I’d grown up and saw my husband-to-be standing at the altar waiting for me.  Oh, the look in his eyes!  If I ever had had any doubts about his feelings for me, those doubts would have been erased when I saw the love and pride in his face.

So sweet!  Love that!  Cara, what was the most romantic moment in your life?

Cara – When I first met my husband, he said he never wanted to go anywhere that he couldn’t take me.

You must’ve known he was a keeper after that comment!  Let’s turn to our other Elaine!  Do you have any funny stories about your wedding day?

Elaine Marie Cooper – We were so tired after a long day of visiting with family and friends. We didn’t care where we stopped to eat, so our first meal as husband and wife was eaten at—McDonald’s! Very romantic! LOL

I’m sure at that moment, you both were happy to just be together and eat!  Definitely a memory making moment, I’m sure.  Killarney, where did you go on your honeymoon?

Killarney – Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  A beautiful place in the spring with flowering trees, blooming tulips & daffodils and of course amazing sea views.  One day I would like to take my kids there to see it.

Sounds beautiful.  Can just see the amazing sea view now!  

LoRee, can you share your engagement story?

LoRee – My husband bought a loose diamond and sent me on a scavenger hunt. The last envelope was on the tree. I whipped it open, expecting another clue, only to hear a gasp. The diamond flew and narrowly missed the heating vent in the floor.

Oh my goodness!  I can only imagine your husband’s face at that moment.  Roseanne, do you have any funny stories about your wedding day?

Roseanne – Actually, we eloped.  But halfway there our car broke down.  We spent the day getting the transmission fixed, which took a good portion of our money.  We continued on to our destination only to find we had to wait 3 days.  Knowing we didn’t have enough money to stay in a hotel that long, after we applied for our license, we came home to see if we could borrow some money.  We had already rented an apartment.  No more did we go in and figure out who to call, my sister and her husband showed up – I had left a note for my mother with the address.  They talked us into going home and getting married properly.  We had a proper wedding 3 months later.

Wow, another story to make memories.  Did anything memorable happen on your wedding day?

Roseanne – I got married in November, normally a cold, dreary month.  Just as I was about to walk down the aisle, the sun poured through the windows and shown on the aisle.

Must have been a beautiful sight!  Does anyone else have a memorable wedding day story? 

Cara – When I threw the bridal bouquet and hit one of the wedding guests in the face.

Wow, that must’ve been something. 

Anne, do you have any advice for the Royal Couple and other newlyweds? 

Anne – I’d advise any couple to cherish each day together.  Even if it’s only for a few minutes, making time to acknowledge your love and commitment to each other every day counts.  Be spontaneous.  Give your partner a smile or kiss for no particular reason!  Thank him for being him.  Do something nice for each other at least once per day.  Again, it can be as simple as pouring your partner a morning cup of coffee, but those little signs of love and appreciation add up over the years.  It also helps to be forgetful.  By that I mean, don’t dwell on the difficult times or words said in the heat of the moment.  Above all, be realistic.  Life isn’t one big flashy event after another.  Be thankful for what you have, not want you want.

Sage advice.  Thanks for sharing that!  Delia, what’s your advice for newlyweds? 

Delia – I’ve been married 37 years, and what I always tell newlyweds who ask for advice is, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Love that…something I need to remember.  Penny, do you have any quotes on love or marriage that you like?

PennyMarriage must be a commitment.  A lifelong decision to remain in that same one and only loving relationship.  If there’s an attitude of “we’ll end this if things don’t go my way” on the part of either person, there will always be a reason to end it ~ Melinda Watterson Evaul, Author of Grow Old With Me, and married 32 years

Very true.  In our premarital counseling, my husband and I were told never to say the word divorce to each other…it shouldn’t be in our vocabulary if we wanted to have a successful marriage.  Anyone else have a quote they’d like to share?

Anne – “Love seems the swiftest, but it is the slowest of all growths.  No man or woman really knows what perfect love is until they have been married a quarter of a century.” - Mark Twain's Notebook

Thanks for sharing that.  Do we have one more quote?

Delia – “True love stories never have endings.” – Richard Bach

Awesome truth in that.  Ok, I think the Prince and his bride need more advice.  One more quote?

Elaine Cantrell – A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers. – Ruth Bell Graham

Forgiveness is definitely an important ingredient to any marriage.  

Let’s move back to some more fun topics on love.  Anyone have a flirty line from one of their books they’d like to tell us about?

Elaine Marie Cooper – “Well,” Mary said, flirtatiously hugging herself with her cape, “I do remember him kissing me once secretly behind the meetinghouse.”  She stared innocently up at the rafters of the barn, waiting for Daniel’s reaction.

Like that line and loved the book!  Do we have another flirty character out there?

LoRee – “I doubt that you are any more combustible than I am.” (Geneva to Rainn in Rainn on My Parade)

Nice…loved the excerpt you shared on my blog this week, LoRee.  What about the most romantic line from one of your novels…any takers?

Killarney – Sarah smiled down at him. “Stand and deliver your heart, so I might steal it like a thief in the night.”  The love shinning in his eyes said more than his lips ever could. “I speak the truth, my lady, when I tell you it has already been delivered and is forever in your possession to do with as you please.”

How romantic.  Thanks for sharing!  Okay, now the romance is in the air.  Before we get to more romantic lines, Cara, where did you go on your honeymoon?

Cara – Martha’s Vineyard.

Oh, one of my favorite places to visit.  I’ve been there several times with my family.  My husband hasn’t ever gone yet and I can’t wait to go there with him someday.  Any more romantic lines? 

Anne – It’s not what Mac says in DEFENDING GLORY, first book of the Piedmont Island Trilogy series, it’s what he does:

He kissed her, savoring the delicious sweetness of her lips, and presented her with the wildflower he’d picked especially for her.  “Happy anniversary.”

“You remembered.”  She accepted the marsh marigold and tucked it behind her ear.


A contented smile spread across her face.  “Our seventh.”

He kissed her again.  Seven incredible months.  He was truly blessed.

Very romantic as well.  I’ve just started reading your book and already love the characters of Mac and Glory…can’t wait to finish!  Time for one more.

Delia – This is tough!  I like to think my heroes say lots of romantic things!  But, since Kylie’s Kiss releases TODAY, I’ll use this line from that book.  It happens just moments before Rick proposes to Kylie:

Slowly, she raised one hand and brought it to his lips, tracing their outline with a trembling finger.  “Rick?”

“Hmmm?”  His hands buried themselves in her hair.  He tugged gently, easing her head back and opening her neck to his exploration.  Kylie moaned when his lips seared a trail down her throat, pausing on the pulse point at the base of her neck.

“I feel your heart,” he whispered.  “It’s beating with mine.”

All you ladies are creating such romantic characters!  Can’t wait to read this book, Delia.  Okay, let’s take one more break and we’ll be back to ask Killarney a question.  See you all soon!

Everyone loves a good romance, right?  Well, in honor of the Royal Wedding today I’ve gathered a group of awesome authors to join together in a blog party and celebration on love and romance.  So glad you stopped by today.  Please stay and chat with the authors and everyone who comments on the blog party posts will be entered for a chance to win some great romance books by these wonderful ladies!  Come along, grab a cinnamon bun and a cup of chamomile tea or your favorite coffee and meet these authors.    

Delia Latham:  Born and raised in a California farming community called Weedpatch, Delia moved to Oklahoma in 2008, making her a self-proclaimed California Okie. She loves to read and write in her simple country home, and gets a kick out of watching her husband play Farmer John.

Penny Zeller:  Penny is a wife, mom, volunteer, and author of several books and numerous magazine articles. Her most recent books include Kaydie and McKenzie in her Montana Skies Historical Romance Series (Whitaker House). Penny loves to hear from her readers

Anne K. Albert: Website:
Blog:  Anne’s stories chill the spine, warm the heart, and soothe the soul…all with a delightful touch of humor. She is author of the Piedmont Island Trilogy series and Muriel Reeves Mysteries.  When not in her home office, she enjoys traveling, visiting friends and family, and of course, reading.

Cara Marsi:  Cara, a former corporate drone and cubicle dweller, is published in romantic suspense with The Wild Rose Press and in paranormal romance with Noble Romance Publishing, and writes short romance stories for women’s magazines. Cara and her husband share their house with a fat black cat named Killer.

LoRee Peery:  LoRee writes contemporary Christian romance. Two of the four stories in the Frivolities series have been published by White Rose Publishing. Her reading is eclectic, but mostly contemporary.  She likes reunion stories, suspense, western historicals, and a good read.  She is a member of RWA, FH-L, and NRW.

Elaine Cantrell:  Elaine was born and raised in South Carolina.  Her first novel, A New Leaf, was the 2003 winner of the Timeless Love Contest and was published in 2004 by Oak Tree Books.  At present she teaches high school social studies.  In her spare time she enjoys reading, collecting vintage Christmas ornaments, and playing with her grandchildren.

Elaine Marie  Elaine grew up in Massachusetts but now lives in the Midwest with her husband.  A retired registered nurse, Elaine has been a magazine freelance writer for many years and is the author of her debut novel called “The Road to Deer Run.” The sequel, titled “The Promise of Deer Run,” will soon be available.

Killarney Sheffield  Killarney is a married mother of five, currently residing on a commercial beef farm in Alberta Canada.  She writes historical romance for MuseItUp Publishing Inc.

Roseanne Dowell: or her blog  An avid reader, Roseanne writes various types of romance - paranormal, contemporary, and mystery and has over 40 articles and short stories published. She lives in Northeast Ohio and enjoys life as a wife, mother of six, grandmother and great grandmother.  

We’ll now that we’re all acquainted, let’s get started chatting.  I’m sure everyone has a favorite movie.  Anne, what’s yours?

Anne – The Princess Bride. It just sings to me!

One of my favorites too.  Love Westley and “As you wish.” Delia, what’s your favorite?

Delia – It would be a toss-up between Ghost and The Notebook – for different reasons, of course. Ghost because it’s just romantic to think not even death could keep a guy from taking care of the woman he loves. And then, of course, there’s that famous potter’s wheel scene…wow! And in The Notebook…oh, man, what’s not romantic? What kind of man goes to the lengths James Garner’s character did to be with his wife, who doesn’t remember him most of the time? Oh, the sweet tears!

Saw both of those.  Really loved The Notebook.  Elaine, do you have a favorite?

Elaine Cantrell – Maybe The Notebook because of the hero’s life-long devotion to his wife.

Two for The Notebook.  Anyone else have a favorite?

Cara – That’s a hard one. The only movie that comes to mind is an old one from 1943.  It’s called “The More, the Merrier,” and stars Jean Arthur and Joel McCrea. There’s such sexual tension between them and McCrea is a hunk.  I’m an old movie buff.

I love the old classics, too!

Elaine Cooper – OK, I’ve decided I can’t possibly narrow this down to one, so I will list my favorites: “While You Were Sleeping,” “Return To Me,” “Emma,” and “Last of the Mohicans.” Sigh. I can watch all of these over and over—and I do, much to my husband’s consternation! They all just wrap the romance around you and draw you in.

Love While You Were Sleeping and Emma is one of my all-time favorites.  I love Jane Austen and Mr. Knightly is one of my favorite male characters.  Killarney, what’s your favorite story?

Killarney – Emeralds & Sapphires. It was an old harlequin historical romance I found many years ago in a used bookstore. My debut historical romance releasing in June is based on the concept of that book.

Never read it, but love the title.  Anyone else want to share?

LoRee – I would have to say Gone With the Wind, because it made me feel so grown up to read it. That story is also the one that hooked me on romance.

I never read that classic book, but I finally did see the movie last year at the urging of my husband.  He actually thinks that’s one of the best movies.  Roseanne, what was the most romantic moment in your life?

Roseanne – The first time my husband said he loved me.

I’m sure that was a sweet and romantic moment.  

Before we take a break in our chat, Penny, can you share your engagement story for us?

Penny – Ah, the wonderful days of no caller I.D. It made for a much more successful prank phone call. Yes, here’s a frightening confession: my sister, cousin, and I would spend countless hours making innocent prank phone calls. It was long before speaker phone technology, but that was fine with us. We had two phones in the house, both always being used at the same time.

Our prank phone calls were never anything that could harm someone, and I am a firm believer that prank phone calls do have their benefits. Case in point - I met my husband, Lon through a prank phone call. Yep. It's true. 

Lon and I will celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary this year. And to think it all started with the humble beginnings of a white rotary dial phone…

I saw Lon's high school football picture in the county newspaper. He went to small school in the same county as I did, but in a different town 20 miles away. He was a state champion football player and I was cheerleader. I was sure I'd never seen such a fine specimen in all my teenage years. 

So my sister, cousin, and I called him. He was a chatty fellow and he and I immediately hit it off. I soon looked forward to our daily phone calls. Over the next several weeks, he began to call me before I left for work as a bookkeeper and clerk at a department store and before he headed out to work in the fields on his dad’s farm.

A few months later, I met Lon in person at the gas station parking lot where he rode up on his motorcycle and I drove up in my 1971 souped-up Chevy Malibu. He was wearing parachute pants and his #78 football jersey. He'll still argue after all these years that it wasn't parachute pants he was wearing, but sweatpants. But now that it's in writing, here's the proof: he was wearing parachute pants (and after all, it was 1991 when parachute pants were the thing to wear!) I even recall that I wore my hair in a high ponytail that day and wore my Michigan State t-shirt and a pair of jean shorts.

Accompanied by my sister and a friend, we pulled into the gas station and I nonchalantly filled my car with gas. I watched him out of the corner of my eye. Not paying attention, I forgot to put on my gas cap after filling my car with gas.

I drove up to the curb. “Hi, are you Lon?” I asked.

“Just a minute,” he said. I watched as he walked over to the gas pump and retrieved my gas cap. "I think you forgot this," he told me. I was so embarrassed! I gazed deep into his green eyes and suddenly felt a bit faint.

“I- I’m Penny.”

He leaned against my car and smiled. “I’m Lon.”

I offered a quick and silent prayer toward heaven. “Lord, please, please, please let him like me!”

We must have stood there in awkward silence for awhile until I remembered I needed to pay for my gas.

After that day, we began to date. One night three months later, we stood in the driveway of my parents’ house getting ready to say goodnight. I was caught completely off guard when Lon asked, “Will you marry me?” No kneeling to one knee with an engagement ring. No airplane in the sky with a huge banner for all to see. Nope, just a humble out-of-the-blue “Will you marry me?”

I didn’t hesitate, but quickly answered “YES!”

As calmly as if we were discussing the weather, Lon answered, “All right. See you tomorrow.”  With that, Lon turned and climbed into his car (which, I might add, had a stereo worth four times what the car was worth).

I remember standing in the driveway shaking with excitement, wondering if he had really asked me or if it was a dream. Yes, it was late, and yes, she was asleep, but my younger sister just had to know about this!

In June of the following year, Lon and I were married in a tiny Baptist church in my hometown. There was a storm that day, and half of the time we had no power. But it all worked out and several years later, we started our family. Today we have two beautiful daughters.

We’ve had our share of good times and bad, serious times and funny times (like the time Lon overdosed on no-bake cookies right before a blood test and was denied his CDL license renewal because his sugar readings were off the charts!) But through it all, I thank God every day for the husband he blessed me with.

Penny, thank you for sharing your wonderful story with us.  Let’s take a quick break and we’ll be back for more conversation.  Please feel free to comment.  You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to win one of these amazing books! 

Delia Latham is offering a free eBook copy of Kylie’s Kiss.

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Roseanne Dowell is offering a free ecopy of Stranger on the Shore

Cara Marsi is offering a free ebook of Murder, Mi Amore; a free ebook of Cursed Mates; and a free signed print copy of the original version of Logan’s Redemption

Penny Zeller will be a guest author on my blog, May 3rd, so come back and comment that day to win a copy of her book, Kaydie.

Also, don't be a stranger...join my yahoo group: Authors and Readers of Romance and stay connected with some great romance authors.  Link:

Why is that important, you ask and why would I care about the Royal Wedding?  Well, in honor of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, I thought it would be fun to have a romance author party at my blog.  

You'll want to stop by on Friday, April 29th to meet some awesome romance authors.  The authors will be hanging out at my blog that day and will be available to answer any questions you have and are excited to talk to their readers.  

The other exciting reason for you to stop by is that if you comment on the blog that day, you'll be entered into a drawing to win one of the fabulous romance books being given away for free from the authors.  So far, Delia Latham, Penny Zeller, Anne Albert, Cara Marsi, LoRee Peery and Elaine Cantrell will be stopping by for the party.  There is still room for other romance authors to join in the fun.  If you're interested in attending this Royal Wedding blog party, please let me know.    


Hope you can stop by for our party.  We'll be chatting about love and romance and they'll be sharing their personal stories of love.  If you've ever wanted to get a chance to talk to some wonderful romance authors, this is your chance.  

So, start thinking about your questions and mark the 29th down on your calendar.  You don't want to miss this blog party.  Don't forget about the free book giveaways!  Have an awesome weekend!

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